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Aviation based team training
Over 30 years of experience
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Teams in hospitals
Scientifically proven effectiveness
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Drilling platform crews
Proven track record
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Widely applicable
Aimed at 'high reliability organisations'

he aviation industry recognised the significance of human error in accidents in the 1970s, and has been instrumental in the development of special training, designed to reduce error and increase the effectiveness of flight crews. These crew resource management (CRM) programs focus on ‘non-technical skills’ (notechs) critical for enhanced operational performance, such as ‘leadership’, ‘situation awareness’, ‘decision making’, ‘team work’ and ‘communication’.


ore recently CRM has been adopted by other ‘high reliability’ team environments including hospitals, air traffic control, the (merchant) navy, the nuclear power industry, aviation maintenance, and the oil industry. With succes, several studies and evaluations have proven the fact that the training resulted in a distinct decrease in the number of incident and accidents.

CRM saves lives!

The results of the implementation of CRM on an intensive care unit are spectaculair.
number or organisations have started to introduce training programs based on the over 30 years of experience in the aviation industrie. The training is widely applicable in situations in which teams work under time pressure and/or where errors have major consequences. We have been succesfully delivering CRM training programs in 'high reliability organisations' (HRO's) for years now. Our programs are characterized by a custom tailored approach and practical relevance for the operations at hand and we pride ourselves in measurable results.